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iCricketer.com gears up for Cricket World Cup 2003

iCricketer.com, South Africa's leading provider of syndicated cricket news, has announced a change in strategic focus. Hamza Farooqui, group chairman and CEO of the site, believes the new direction will serve a two-fold purpose; refining the quality of material available to iCricketer.com consumers and media partners, while at the same time providing opportunities for advancement in the business-to-business market.

Having established itself as a key player in the B2C delivery of content, iCricketer.com now has its sights set on delivering up to the minute cricket news to the desktops of users in the corporate sector. These live scorecards are to be liveried in the client's colours, and will provide the opportunity for advertisers to target highly specific audiences.

Existing media partners can look forward to enjoying an enriched relationship with iCricketer.com, while prospective advertisers or sponsors will have opportunities for greater brand exposure than ever before.

"We're doing what other South African media companies to date have not - we're leveraging on technology convergence to advance the overall objectives of our own organization. The value to our clients and customers is tangible," says Farooqui, who first published iCricketer.com from his bedroom as a teenager in 1996.

With the Cricket World Cup 2003 just around the corner, Farooqui plans an aggressive drive towards B2B, with a focus on content delivery across a multitude of media platforms. In addition to its online and syndication interests, iCricketer.com is actively exploring other new media technologies.

The key theme is that of fresh content delivered as accessibly as possible, and a major part of iCricketer.com's initiatives in content delivery innovation centre around mobile devices and electronic billboards.

Despite the continued slump in South African IT fortunes, iCricketer.com is a success story almost without parallel, says Farooqui.

"iCricketer is one of the longest surviving start-ups that came out of the original dot com boom. We're not owned or funded by a large corporation, we've enjoyed consistent growth from humble beginnings, and today, we have an excellent track record and reputation."

A redesigned Web site reflecting the company's changing focus will be launched shortly.

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